May 25, 2024
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The Best Typography Plugins for WordPress

Feb 10, 2015 0

Are you a blogging veteran in need of a blog face-lift or  just a “green” blogger looking for ideas? Then adding plugins to your website is the next step to take, in order to achieve performance and to spice up your stats. Plugins are easy to install and extremely beneficial to your blog. The plugins reviewed in this article are those little helpers making sure that your website is easily readable, attractive and it doesn’t make your reader’s eyes bleed – Typography plugins. ...

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Free WordPress Plugins for Photographers

Jan 9, 2015 0

Being a successful photographer is a hard work, but promoting your photography like pro’s can be a helping hand on the path of “being noticed”. And how can you stand out, if not with a stunning WordPress website – a key factor for signing a deal or losing a client for the next  photo-shoot. In a previous article, we wrapped up a list of 10 attractive and efficient WordPress themes for photographers, now let’s have a look at the plugins – those little invisible helpers that can highlight your work, enhance your audience and make your call to action visible. In this way, you can take the camera and do your job, while WordPress website will monetize your passion. Best Free WordPress plugins for photographers Editing and SEO purposes SEO Friendly Images – This plugin automatically adds alt and title attributes to all your images improving traffic from search engines. If your ...

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NextGEN Vs. Cincopa

Aug 11, 2014 0

It is pretty safe to say that any person, who has ever managed a WordPress website, is familiar with the WordPress plugins directory. Each of the hundreds of plugins is designed to expand the functionality offered by WordPress basic program. Premium gallery plugins are among the most common and useful add-ons; they enable websites and blogs administrators to embed and manage impressive, friendly and efficient media displays quickly and effectively. The one problem is that there are multiple WordPress plugins for each extension you wish to add; therefore, deciding, which one is the best for you, might become a little confusing experience. ...

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12 Stunning CDN Video Players!

Jun 1, 2014 0

The most efficient, convenient and cost effective way to create and manage CDN video player is through a company that provides a complete package of tools, products and services. Cincopa multimedia platform is a marvelous example for such a company; it offers a huge selection of customizable video-players skins, very fast and friendly creation process and easy management with remote access. Each video player skin has its own unique features and setting options. Naturally, various plans credit you with different features, benefits and services; however, hosting and delivery services, one of the most important features, are provided to all free and premium plans. The CDN video players Cincopa offers are distributed and handled by Edgecast, the fastest and most reliable CDN. You can be assured that your videos will not suffer from latency issues and enjoy optimal performance anywhere, anytime and on any device. Cincopa CDN video player skins Following ...

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Wistia vs. Cincopa

May 29, 2014 0

Two leading video hosting and video marketing platforms for business compared Online video is the most engaging type of content for business these days. Therefore, adding video to your business website or blog is a must, whether as an artistic presentation, illustrative or educational tool. Producing videos is not enough in order to grant your visitors with a genuinely satisfying user experience, no matter how fascinating or helpful they are. It is equally important to find a reliable video hosting and marketing platform that provides the products and services required for displaying, hosting and distributing your content in the best possible way. While YouTube and Vimeo are known to be widely used video platforms for entertainment offering free low-level service, there are business-focused alternatives with lots of advanced options, which can help you maintain online video content for your website, mobile app, or multimedia platform at the professional level. The ...

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Comment Notification Plugin for WordPress

Mar 3, 2013 5

The desire to be heard is a basic human characteristic. People want to influence others, to get attention and to develop conversations with those who share the same interests and passions. When applied to the internet, users like other people to read their opinions, ideas, critics, jokes and remarks, and they are more likely to return to a site that provides them with a simple opportunity to do so. The majority of blogpost and articles published online has already acknowledged the value of having a comment section attached. Currently, most WordPress themes include a comment plugin by default; however, notifications of new comments are only sent to the author of the post. Nowadays, commenting has taken another step forward thanks to the comment notification plugins for WordPress. Users may not only leave comments, but they can also get e-mail notifications when other users reply to their comments. When a visitor ...

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Free Session Pop-ups for WordPress

Dec 8, 2012 0

The annoying and aggressive advertising pop-ups, we have all learnt to avoid and block, are slowly being replaced by in-site session pop-ups that actually, play a key role in the site’s performance and the user’s experience. jQuery advanced technologies enable sites to incorporate different types of pop-up boxes with a call to action. Users usually cannot return to the initial page, unless completing the specified task. Session pop-ups are pretty complicated to block and are highly beneficial for both you and your site’s visitors. There is an abundant of session pop-up plugins for WordPress, each with its own unique features that answer certain needs such as special announcements, download and sales links, social pop-ups, privacy policy, images, videos, additional info, e-mail box and literally, anything you would like to highlight on site. ...

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