June 23, 2024
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The internet has transformed the world into a global village. Communication turned to be simple, available and accessible nearly to the entire planet’s population. The ability to deliver information, to create an online “business card”, advertisement or photo gallery, visible to any web user, has facilitated commerce, but at the same time, has magnified the markets competitiveness, and the need for creativity.

The innovative, popular website, pinterest.com, has inspired many WordPress themes developers to create special themes designed for artists. These WordPress themes architecture resembles a portfolio or an art gallery, providing photographers, painters, graphic artists etc. with the perfect answer to their needs of exposing and showcasing their works in a stylish and professional manner to an international audience.

Top 5 Premium Pinterest-like WordPress Themes:

1. Apptha WordPress Pinterest Grid theme

This premium WordPress grid has a great resemblance to the stylish Pinterest layout; multicolumn with no limitation, as for the number of images that may be added to the pinboard.

In addition to its appealing appearance, this theme is extremely easy to manage and provides social media log-ins. It is compatible with IE7+, IE8, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera, and to various screen sizes.

Pinterest-like WordPress-grid_theme


Demo & download

2. Pinpress

Pinpress WordPress theme is identical to Pinterest’s pin-board, what makes it perfect for artists. It is social oriented, allowing visitors to comment and share the images.

Pinpress is compatible with all devices, browsers and screen resolutions and has great responsive design.

This WordPress theme is very friendly; it can be installed in a few minutes and customization is super easy.

Pinpress WordPress Theme


Demo & download


 3. Flexible Responsive WordPress Portfolio Theme

Although Flexible is not a typical Pinterest theme, it is perfect for an artist’s portfolio presentation. It has responsive design, suitable for all devices and screen sizes; it is compatible with the popular browsers, has multiple font, color and background variations, and is very easy to translate. The theme uses Ajax technologies, enabling a smooth filtering of the multi-media gallery.

Flexible Responsive WordPress Theme


Demo & download

4. Expression Photography Responsive WordPress Theme

Expression theme provides numerous styling options, which allow an artistic freedom in creating a unique custom skin. The theme uses Pexeto Panel and Ajax gallery. It has high standard animations and effects, custom image sizes, social sharing and responsive design.

Unlimited skin and font options, three different slideshows and simple page layout modification make Expression a great theme for visual art portfolios. Expression is compatible with all major browsers and includes many other elements and features.

Expression Photography Responsive WordPress Theme


Demo & download


5. Lens Theme

Lens is a flexible Pinterest-like WordPress theme. It has three distinctive page and photo layouts, custom widgets, unlimited pages and many other post editor elements. Lens is a flash-like theme that does not compromise SEO needs or loading time. It is simple to handle and provides professional support and upgrades.

Lens Pinterest-like WordPress Theme


Demo & download

Yael is a WordPress savvy; she loves to explore themes, plugins and even develops some of her own. She lives, breathes and eats code for breakfast. Yael tends to test every piece of WP code that she can put her hands on and then, write about it :-)


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