August 20, 2022
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Online cloud storage technology has solved storage, backup, accessibility and sharing issues to both private and business sectors. The possibility of saving all files in a secured location, independent of specific hardware, has given users the freedom to access their files and have them synced from any device, share them with other internet users, and never again worry about losing data or stressing out by the constant need to back up any changes and additions made.

SugarSync and Dropbox are two online cloud storage giants, with millions of users each year. Both companies offer similar features, what makes it harder to choose the one, more suitable to the individual needs. SugarSync has some extra features and elements, but then again, if you do not need them, maybe it is better leave things simple and minimal rather than struggle with additional choices and definitions.

SugarSync and Dropbox allow internet users to store documents, music, photos and video files using PC or Mac and access them from any other device, including Smart-phone and iPad. All changes made are being saves and synced to all other computers and devices in use. Sharing files with family, friends, business colleagues and clients has never been so easy before. It may be done by creating a link that can be sent by mail, Facebook or Twitter.

We have created the following table to ease and simplify for you the process of comparing SugarSync and Dropbox services and features:

SugarSync Dropbox
Free storage Up to 5GB Up to 18GB (500MB per referral)
Version restoration yes yes
Changes upload (real-time) yes yes
Files backup with recovery yes yes
Select folders to sync yes yes
Sync via e-mail yes no
Sync files of any size yes yes
Sync shared folders yes yes
Web browser yes yes
iPad, iPhone, Blackberry apps yes yes
Windows Phone app no no
Android app yes yes
Symbian app yes no
Kindle Fire yes no
Mobile website yes yes
Linux/Unix Support no yes
Send files of any size yes yes
Share folders yes yes
Share permissions yes no
Geo Redundancy yes no
Share photo albums yes yes
Stream Music (web browser,
Blackberry, iPhone, Android)
yes yes (except for Blackberry)
By phone yes no
By e-mail yes yes
Live chat yes no
30GB $4.99/month;
60GB $9.99/month;
100GB $14.99/month;
200GB no $19.99/month;
250GB $24.99/month;
(special introductory price)
500GB $39.99/month;
Business Plan Starts with 100GB and 3 users:
Starts with 1000GB and 5 users:

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