December 3, 2021
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Best Wedding WordPress Themes

May 19, 2013 0

Are you about to get married? Feel like drowning in all the production details, arrangements and expenses? WordPress cannot help you with all the tasks on your list, but it can surely take off your shoulders the burdensome process of designing and sending hundreds of expensive invitations as well as promote the communication with your guests before and after the big event. Using online invitations is an economical solution, not to mention the paper waste you may avoid and the numerous features you can enjoy. The web is flooded by WordPress wedding website themes and WordPress invitation templates. The following list was carefully chosen to include themes, which are highly creative, fully customizable, and easy to manage and share. ...

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Best WordPress Themes for Dentist and Dental Care Clinics

Apr 29, 2013 2

One of our era characterizations is the specialization. Science and society tend to adopt a focalized contemplation since there is just too much information when looking at the whole picture. The same applies to the virtual world. Web professions divide to various expertise, and even sites are designed and sorted by numerous categories, which are distinguished by nuances. Thus, health related sites have a few different genres such as medical, alternative medicine and even dentist WordPress themes. ...

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Best WordPress Themes for Portals

Apr 22, 2013 0

WordPress portal themes function as internet gates, providing you with an access to many different sites with some common denominator that binds them all under the same roof. Since WordPress developers have taken up the gauntlet, establishing a portal site became an extremely simple mission. WordPress template for portals is usually packed with rich media widgets, multiple column layout and various other features that actually make it suitable for many different objectives. ...

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WordPress vs. Joomla vs. Drupal – Which is the Best CMS?

Mar 24, 2013 0

The most commonly used content management systems are undoubtedly, Joomla, Drupal and WordPress. They are open-source software applications, or in simpler words, they are tools that basically manage a website’s editing needs. The different kinds of CMS available on market handle content in a very efficient and friendly way, and dismiss web owners from the need to hire professionals to manage their site for them. All common CMS systems have extensive API support and are SEO optimized. They enable people with no special technical skills to upload, edit, remove or create content that includes both text and rich media files such as images, videos, sliders and so forth. There is no one ultimate answer to the question, which CMS is the best. In order to determine, which one to use, each person should thoroughly examine a few basic details that will help him or her decide which one can best ...

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Premium and Free Sport WordPress Themes

Mar 16, 2013 0

Sport has been one of the most popular and profitable industries since the beginning of human civilization. In the course of centuries, sport fields have developed and now include numerous categories such as various ball games, athletics, combat doctrines, water sports and much more. The internet has given both professionals and fans a rich and efficient platform, where they can share information, opinions, news, critics and advertisements. Therefore, there is no wonder in the fact that web designers took up the gauntlet and developed a wide selection of WordPress sports themes that provide both individuals and major companies with hundreds of WordPress themes for sports, which are easy and fast to create and manage. ...

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Perfect WordPress Themes for Confereneces

Feb 13, 2013 0

Conferences, seminars, workshops, conventions and other events that approach large audience and have complex schedules tend to create and operate their own special websites. In order to answer the specific and unusual needs of few-days long, professional event, a worthy WordPress conference theme should include features such as multi-day program, various page layouts and widgets, suitable map, key speakers’ profiles, contact forms etc. This kind of website might be expensive and pretty complicated to create; however, WordPress developers have identified the market demand and currently there is a wide range of designated WP conference themes offered in reasonable rates. A designated WordPress conference theme is based on a profound research and professional consultation, resulting in an optimal WordPress template that suits even the smallest necessities of an event management site. Additionally, most WP themes for conferences provide you with plenty of customization options that allow you to design the site ...

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Retina-ready WordPress Themes

Jan 30, 2013 0

We have already got accustomed to innovative technologies that gradually take control over their niche market. An advanced technology is introduced initially by a specific development company; pretty fast, it becomes a hip trend among small quantity of wealthy users, but shortly after, when prices are reduced, it becomes popular and eventually replaces the old methods. Retina display is probably a great example for a new line of computers and mobile devices that rapidly spreads through many manufactures, and which will soon force most websites to adopt its progressive demands. What is a Retina Display? Retina display is a registered Apple trademark introduced on Apple’s latest portable products. The new display technology produces an exceptional viewing experience when combined with retina compatible sites and applications. Retina display is quite similar to HD technologies for televisions. It creates an ultra resolution, utilizing twice the amount of pixels used in conventional screens. ...

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Premium Pinterest-like WordPress Themes for Artists

Sep 27, 2012 1

The internet has transformed the world into a global village. Communication turned to be simple, available and accessible nearly to the entire planet’s population. The ability to deliver information, to create an online “business card”, advertisement or photo gallery, visible to any web user, has facilitated commerce, but at the same time, has magnified the markets competitiveness, and the need for creativity. The innovative, popular website,, has inspired many WordPress themes developers to create special themes designed for artists. These WordPress themes architecture resembles a portfolio or an art gallery, providing photographers, painters, graphic artists etc. with the perfect answer to their needs of exposing and showcasing their works in a stylish and professional manner to an international audience. ...

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