March 1, 2024
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If you play a large number of videos and are in need of hosting it on your WordPress site, then you looked in just the right place. VdoCipher is a plugin that allows you to do just that. It gives you ultimate control of your video content – no third party providers.

More specifically, VdoCipher is a WordPress video plugin that helps you get protection from having your video downloaded and redistributed illegally on the internet. This is achieved in incremental steps, using a variety of methods from authentication, authorization, video tracking and watermarking. This way, virtually nobody on the internet can download your videos without being authorized to do so.

Protecting your premium content

Video hosting sites like Netflix can’t have just anyone visiting their website and using a video downloader to pirate all their content. The same goes for anyone who values their content as much as large corporations do. Spotify, Google, and Amazon are just a few of the players that use different techniques to achieve more or less the same result.

You also have the choice of which bitrate of you want to serve your users with, effectively conserving a lot of data and bandwidth without sacrificing quality.

Easy integration

VdoCipher is a premium plugin that brings the power of several years of advanced engineering paradigms to your hands. Even better, it integrates perfectly with various other plugins that you may already use on your website. This includes plugins used to restrict content from being viewed by unauthorized people, such as Restrict Content Pro. It also works with popular Learning Management systems such as LearnPass and LearnDash.

Easy to use

Among its advantages are the fact that it’s also pretty easy to install and use. All you have to do is sign up and follow the instructions you receive in your email. From then on, you can include videos from nearly any URL. Embedding videos are then as easy as copy-pasting a single line of code.

The only qualm we have with this plugin is the pricing. The ‘starter’ pack costs $349 annually, with no monthly plan. It’s pretty inconvenient for low-bandwidth users.

Smridhi Malhotra

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