February 22, 2019
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How to – Add WhatsApp Share Button in WordPress

Aug 23, 2015 0

Did you just write this awesome article on your WordPress website and you want to share it straightaway with your friends, via WhatsApp? Oh, wait, that is impossible because you don’t have a WhatsApp share button. Yet. This post is created to show you how easy is to add WhatsApp share button in WordPress. 1. Install and activate the WhatsApp Share Button plugin 2. Upon activation, go to Settings » WhatsApp Share Button to configure the plugin. 3. The plugin allows you to add WhatsApp share button both manually and automatically. In case you want to automatically display the button, you need to where you want it to be displayed. The plugin uses CSS code to detect a user’s screen size and will only show the WhatsApp button to users whose screen size is less than 1024px. If you are testing the plugin on your laptop, then you need to re-size your browser screen ...

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