July 21, 2024
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12 Stunning CDN Video Players!

Jun 1, 2014 0

The most efficient, convenient and cost effective way to create and manage CDN video player is through a company that provides a complete package of tools, products and services. Cincopa multimedia platform is a marvelous example for such a company; it offers a huge selection of customizable video-players skins, very fast and friendly creation process and easy management with remote access. Each video player skin has its own unique features and setting options. Naturally, various plans credit you with different features, benefits and services; however, hosting and delivery services, one of the most important features, are provided to all free and premium plans. The CDN video players Cincopa offers are distributed and handled by Edgecast, the fastest and most reliable CDN. You can be assured that your videos will not suffer from latency issues and enjoy optimal performance anywhere, anytime and on any device. Cincopa CDN video player skins Following ...

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Wistia vs. Cincopa

May 29, 2014 0

Two leading video hosting and video marketing platforms for business compared Online video is the most engaging type of content for business these days. Therefore, adding video to your business website or blog is a must, whether as an artistic presentation, illustrative or educational tool. Producing videos is not enough in order to grant your visitors with a genuinely satisfying user experience, no matter how fascinating or helpful they are. It is equally important to find a reliable video hosting and marketing platform that provides the products and services required for displaying, hosting and distributing your content in the best possible way. While YouTube and Vimeo are known to be widely used video platforms for entertainment offering free low-level service, there are business-focused alternatives with lots of advanced options, which can help you maintain online video content for your website, mobile app, or multimedia platform at the professional level. The ...

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It’s Never Too Late to Convert Your Website to Mobile

Nov 12, 2013 0

Lately, I have encountered many site and blog owners, who wish to turn their existing site into a mobile friendly website. They probably have read the statistics: approximately 20% of users visiting a site are using mobile devices; for some businesses the percentage is much higher, exceeding 50% of the overall visits. Additionally, people today do not use their mobile devices only while there are away from their home or office. Researches show that 68% of Smartphone usage is conducted from home and the numbers increase when referred to tablets. These numbers should make everybody realize that the mobile usage is not a fashionable trend that will soon evaporate, but a modern way of life; a phenomenon, which will continue to grow and expand in the future. Ignoring the mobile sector is a huge mistake that might soon be translated to heavy loss of traffic and business activity. Why should ...

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What Are WordPress ShortCodes?

Jul 31, 2013 0

The average user that wish to purchase a WordPress theme in order to create a blog or a website, has no coding skills and is rather ignorant, when it comes to professional technical terminology. One of the terms you come up against pretty often, when browsing WordPress themes descriptions and features lists, is shortcodes, but for many users the actual meaning is an enigma. ...

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Turn a WordPress Blog into an Android App

Jul 12, 2013 2

Mobile devices are becoming more popular and useful as they get smarter. Nowadays, if you do not have a mobile friendly version of your WordPress blog or website, you actually waive a substantial volume of potential traffic. Employing the services of a professional developing company in order to create exclusive Android and iOS apps may be pretty expensive and time consuming; however, there are many simple, fast and economical solutions available on the web. Some platforms provide you with tools and services to create mobile friendly sites within a few minutes, other offer responsive themes; but if you already have a WordPress blog you have been promoting, and you want to display an optional mobile version of it, all you need is a special mobile WordPress plugin. The following list focuses on WordPress plugins that turn your existing WordPress blog into Android and iOS apps. ...

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WordPress Social Share Plugins – AddThis vs. ShareThis

Apr 5, 2013 3

Online websites and blogs are constantly struggling to achieve more traffic and attention. One of the most efficient methods to gain both new and return visitors is enabling social networks engagement achieved by a simple installation of social share plugins for WordPress. Adding a variety of social buttons next to blog-posts, articles, pages and rich content presentations, encourages users to act as private distributors. People like to share useful information, impressive or funny images and videos and other stuff they find fascinating with friends and acquaintances with similar interests. However, people do not like to waste time nor special efforts, especially when it involves online actions; thus, as a site owner you must provide your visitors with a fast and easy way of sharing. ...

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WordPress vs. Joomla vs. Drupal – Which is the Best CMS?

Mar 24, 2013 0

The most commonly used content management systems are undoubtedly, Joomla, Drupal and WordPress. They are open-source software applications, or in simpler words, they are tools that basically manage a website’s editing needs. The different kinds of CMS available on market handle content in a very efficient and friendly way, and dismiss web owners from the need to hire professionals to manage their site for them. All common CMS systems have extensive API support and are SEO optimized. They enable people with no special technical skills to upload, edit, remove or create content that includes both text and rich media files such as images, videos, sliders and so forth. There is no one ultimate answer to the question, which CMS is the best. In order to determine, which one to use, each person should thoroughly examine a few basic details that will help him or her decide which one can best ...

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Comment Notification Plugin for WordPress

Mar 3, 2013 5

The desire to be heard is a basic human characteristic. People want to influence others, to get attention and to develop conversations with those who share the same interests and passions. When applied to the internet, users like other people to read their opinions, ideas, critics, jokes and remarks, and they are more likely to return to a site that provides them with a simple opportunity to do so. The majority of blogpost and articles published online has already acknowledged the value of having a comment section attached. Currently, most WordPress themes include a comment plugin by default; however, notifications of new comments are only sent to the author of the post. Nowadays, commenting has taken another step forward thanks to the comment notification plugins for WordPress. Users may not only leave comments, but they can also get e-mail notifications when other users reply to their comments. When a visitor ...

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Retina-ready WordPress Themes

Jan 30, 2013 0

We have already got accustomed to innovative technologies that gradually take control over their niche market. An advanced technology is introduced initially by a specific development company; pretty fast, it becomes a hip trend among small quantity of wealthy users, but shortly after, when prices are reduced, it becomes popular and eventually replaces the old methods. Retina display is probably a great example for a new line of computers and mobile devices that rapidly spreads through many manufactures, and which will soon force most websites to adopt its progressive demands. What is a Retina Display? Retina display is a registered Apple trademark introduced on Apple’s latest portable products. The new display technology produces an exceptional viewing experience when combined with retina compatible sites and applications. Retina display is quite similar to HD technologies for televisions. It creates an ultra resolution, utilizing twice the amount of pixels used in conventional screens. ...

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The Best Free CDN Services

Jan 14, 2013 12

A website must be fast and demonstrate high performance in order to succeed and gain a return traffic. Webpages and blogs that approach an international audience and distinctively the ones that display rich media or offer complex services will find out sooner or later that the best way to achieve the aforementioned objective is by using CDN services. ...

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