June 24, 2018
You can use WP menu builder to build menus

Smridhi Malhotra

The absolute best in cloud hosting provision in 2018

Jun 5, 2018 0

Every business needs a cloud hosting package. That way, you ensure that your website is safe from any unexpected server malfunctions. Since you’re running your site on a virtual server, there are many packages and options to choose from. This method of hosting allows for major cost reduction and better efficiency in terms of business disposition. We’ve analyzed all the top offers and came away with four options that might very well be worth your time. HostGator HostGator is one of the rare companies that offer legit hosting plans for both big and small businesses. There are numerous plans to choose from and they all range from 4 to just 14 pounds per months. It’s an excellent deal by all means, plus you get additional seasonal discounts according to the period during which you’re signing up. It’s also very simple to use, making the ideal cloud hosting service for absolute ...

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3 of our unorthodox, but useful plugin recommendations

Jun 1, 2018 0

One reason why WordPress is a favorite website hosting platform is plugins. Nothing is final and you can use any number of plugins to add additional features to your site. Everything is possible and many plugins are now considered indispensable by the WordPress community. However, these three plugins are lesser known nowadays but can add excellent features to your website and help you achieve your goals. Let’s take a look. bbPress There are numerous situations where we end up frustrated because a forum or bulletin board is slow, vulnerable to hacks and DDoS attacks. If you intend to employ such a section and utilize it, bbPress would be the excellent plugin choice for you. It keeps your forum small and tidy, while not preventing other plugins and add-on features. By installing bbPress, you arm yourself with an impenetrable anti-hacking wall. Aside from having a formidable amount of security, your users ...

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The tremendous trio – 3 of the most popular WordPress themes of April

May 28, 2018 0

Every month seems to have its own trends when it comes to the design of themes. Given the fact that the summer is rearing its head more and more every day, we are getting a “warmer” feel from all the popular themes. Despite these seasonal trends, there are some values that every good theme has to exemplify. After a good look around, we’ve chosen these three to be the most outstanding and most beloved by WordPress users. XI Portfolio When you intend to display all your visual work in one place, you have to have a WordPress theme that is tailor-made for all the flaunting you want to do. XI Portfolio is one such theme, forged to get photography sites, digital agencies and studios to the next level. The best thing about this immensely popular theme is the existence of both a free and a premium version. With the premium ...

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Hestia – The most popular theme in April

May 24, 2018 0

When it comes to choosing an ideal theme, you look for two distinct traits – a professional look, as well as an engaging one. It’s somewhat difficult to discern between those two, mostly because there is a fine line between creativeness and sloppiness, as well as professionalism and being uptight. Thankfully, Hestia, the theme named after the Ancient Greek goddess of the hearth, architecture and the home. Just like the old goddess governed the order in the house, so does this theme have your website’s efficiency as a paramount task. Due to the simple and well-coded layout, Hestia can be used to fit a multitude of different uses. It’s colorful enough for small creative businesses, but it’s also tidy enough to be used as an excellent outlet for new startups. Fit for WooCommerce, this theme can bring some big changes to the way you conduct business, making the navigation process ...

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How To Insert Ads Within Your Post Content In WordPress

May 7, 2018 0

One of the best ways of incorporating ads is within the post content itself. This is due to the least amount of invasiveness this method of advertising. There aren’t any pop-ups or videos included, you only have to scroll down if you don’t like the ad. Especially in the realm of beginners, there are always debates centered around whether you should manually insert code or not. Regardless of the prevalent stance, there is always code inserting included, but this shouldn’t be the center of your ad insertion. It can be complex and time-consuming, especially if you’re a beginner. Thus, we’ve dissected the best and easiest way you can add ads to your post content, in an attempt to earn money and advertise in a non-invasive way. The keys You won’t need to have an extensive amount of coding knowledge, because the emphasis is on functionality. In order to be able ...

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Superflick – An Elegant Video Oriented WordPress Theme

May 4, 2018 0

WordPress is perhaps the best possible platform for the creation and the running of a site. Why? Simple because of the numerous customization options it gives us. You can easily transform your site in any possible way, according to your own liking. What’s even better is that the customization process doesn’t warrant that much coding knowledge – you only need good plugins and themes. In the ever-expanding world of themes, one type of theme has been severely underutilized. Due to the video form growing in popularity, more and more sites need themes that are tailor-made to house video content that will use it to the best extent. This also requires a special design, alongside several other tweaks. Today, we would like to showcase one of the best themes in April, a video-oriented theme called Superflick. The look The first thing you notice about Superflick is the timeless elegance. Not a ...

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WORDPRESS PLUGINS: How To Know When To Install Or When To Avoid

Apr 30, 2018 0

The facts are evident – WordPress is the best platform for site creation and maintenance due to the immense number of plugins you can use to improve your site and the user experience together. In recent years, WordPress’s popularity has grown immensely and as a result, there have been many new and exciting plugins. However, not all of them are efficient and worthy assistants to your cause. Which begs the questions – how can you find out about a plugin before you even install it? Are there any ways from which you can conclude whether to install or avoid a plugin? In order to make the choice easier, we’ve compiled a simple set of tips and guidelines that will help you save time by not buying or installing unfitting plugins. It’s much simpler than you think, actually. Can this feature be included without the installation of a plugin? Most people ...

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4 Best WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Email Plugins And Tools

Apr 27, 2018 0

Having an eCommerce site is always an incredible experience, but it can be a disappointing one at times, as well. You can put thousands of dollars and hours, only to end up seeing a lot of your customers abandoning their cart and not going through with their purchase. Cart abandonment rate is at a whopping 69.22% – meaning that only one-third of your shoppers actually finish their purchase. A big mistake would be giving up on those people and investing more effort into attracting new customers. While not everyone will change their mind, you can still sue abandoned cart recovery tools to send emails to those people and try to give them a chance to change their mind. Not every tool is created equal, so we give you the four best for your WooCommerce site. 1. Jilt One of the best-abandoned cart solutions on the market, Jilt has an efficient ...

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Best WordPress Themes

Apr 23, 2018 0

When it comes to operating a website, SEO and servers are important, but there is another thing that many people disregard nowadays. That factor is appearance. In order to fully entice people to spend time on your website and to promote your content, you need a good theme. Thankfully, WordPress has a plethora of available themes to choose from. Unfortunately, there are several tens of thousands of them, making it hard to make a choice. Thus, we’ve narrowed the choice down to the top five. Avada There is a reason why Avada is the best-selling WordPress theme of all time. For five years now, it provides users with pre-included plugins and excellent customer support. Unlike most themes, you actually get six pre-made website formats for you to choose from and apply. Also, you can easily customize it once it’s installed, without any limitations whatsoever. The7 If you’re on the hunt ...

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The Most Popular Premium WordPress Themes of 2018

Apr 19, 2018 0

WordPress is the ideal place for developing your business, whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur or a novice. The content management system is second to none and you can experiment all you want. Most things require no coding whatsoever and one such aspect related to this is themes. If you’re working on a platform other than WordPress, you would probably have to know how to code. However, the catch with WordPress is that you can basically download or buy content that has been pre-coded for you. Premium Themes both save you time and allow you to have a site that can hang with the best of them. Let’s see the best of the best. Oshine One of the better versatile themes, Oshine is fit for both personal and business blogs. Its emphasis is on the creation of a single-page website, with multiple menu options and plugin slots. It’s one of the ...

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