April 1, 2023
You can use WP menu builder to build menus

Finding a simple, minimalist WordPress theme for your blog or magazine-based or news site can be a rough ride if you donít know where to look. In which case, Postmag may just be what your website needs.

As far as free themes go, Postmag is pretty decently done. Most free themes have some shortcoming in one way or another – be it in sloppy code or poorly patched-together CSS. In all these areas, however, Postmag was carefully crafted together to make it as easy to use on a news or magazine site as possible.

Most themes youíll find are very heavy on custom styling. These visuals are usually created with the developerís biases towards design. Make no mistake, some of them can be quite well done, especially when they come with proper documentation. However, others look nice but are hard to change according to your specifications. Thus far, Postmag is different, in that it comes with the very minimum amount of resources you need to get up and running. These include well-organized and documented code, style sheets and optimal arrangement of elements for picture and ad placement.

Feature-wise, it supports a maximum of 6 widgets and has 27 inbuilt widget areas on every page. You also have access to over 600 Google Fonts and font styles. The style sheets depending on the latest version of Bootstrap (version 4) which means itís already responsive and compatible with all modern browsers. Lastly, it will let you upload videos and embed video links and images at any point in writing an article pretty easily.

Right off the bat, it might not be the prettiest theme youíll come across. Postmag is definitely something that a decent developer and/or designer can transform into something user-friendly overnight. As such, it might not be perfect for someone that doesnít have access to someone that can make this transformation for them. Other than that, the thought process behind the creation of the theme is definitely something to love – itís the perfect pick for any magazine or news-related website that serves a high-amount of traffic.

Smridhi Malhotra

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