April 1, 2023
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If you ever had any doubts about creating a mobile version of your website, now it’s the time to wash it off. Google has released on April 21, the “MobileGheddon”, a new algorithm giving search result priority to “mobile-friendly” sites. Meaning that a mobile version will be rewarded by Google with better placement in the mobile search results. And seeing the fact that by the end of 2014, the number of mobile-connected devices exceeded the number of people on earth, and by 2019 there will be nearly 1.5 mobile devices per capita, there are serious reasons to implement a mobile version of your website.

Don’t get scared, there are few easy way to implement a fully-responsible mobile version of your website within few simple steps:

  • facilitate nail thumb friendly navigation (you want your users to easily browse with one hand, not to painfully zoom)
  • keep it short (mobile content has to be short and attractive, not long, confusing an boring. The screens of the smartphones are small, so users are looking for dynamic content)
  • stay minimal (create a simple, minimalist design. Not only for the brand perception added value, but for the page load purposes as well)
  • use mobile optimized images (the mobile web is way slower than the traditional version, so think about the fact that your users are loading your unoptimized, huge images over a 3G connection, so re-size, crop and trim your images for the mobile versions.
  • keep all your contact info in plain text format (sometimes the mobile version is the preliminary step made before a purchase, so the address, phone number, or even opening hours of a business have to be as clear as possible stated on the website. If this information is requiring a lot of searching time, users might be giving up and leaving your website)
  • run a test (before going live, test your mobile version with the expectations of a user. Think about your ideal interaction with a mobile website . Then test it on different devices, with different screen sizes, so you can see what your potential users are seeing.

Now that you have the initial ideas in mind for creating a MobileGheddon full-proof website, you can decide what kind of Mobile-Friendly WordPress Themes would suit you the most. We made a pretty attractive selection for you:


Business is simple, mobile friendly, free WordPress theme. Powerful and neat, bis a perfect choice for a  personal blog. It supports and comes with custom widgets, drop-down menus, javascript slideshow and lots of other useful features.


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Grid Theme Responsive

Grid Theme Responsive is a Mobile-Friendly WordPress Themes with mobile responsive design, featuring infinite scroll. With mobile and tablet responsive design, Grid Theme is perfect for any creative to showcase their portfolio.


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Responsive Theme is an intuitive foundation with a fluid grid system that automatically adapts your website to mobile devices including smartphones, tablets and desktops so your website looks incredible on any device.


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BoldR is a bold, responsive, magazine style premium Mobile-Friendly WordPress Theme. Based on the powerful Icefit framework, one of the most advanced WordPress theming framework in the world, it is perfect for tech or design oriented blogs and creative business websites.


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If you’re looking for a Mobile-Friendly WordPress Themes that works on smart phones, tablets, and desktop computers, consider the Skeleton responsive design. You’ll be able to create a clean, uncluttered website where visitors can easily navigate your website.


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Yael is a WordPress savvy; she loves to explore themes, plugins and even develops some of her own. She lives, breathes and eats code for breakfast. Yael tends to test every piece of WP code that she can put her hands on and then, write about it :-)


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